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Basic Customized Facial - $75

Perfect for those who are always on the go

Microdermabrasion will soften lines and wrinkles, minimize discolorations, reduce white and blackheads, refresh sun damaged skin, improve skin texture, and clear large pores. 

A pumpkin peel is a great, natural way to improve tone and texture. This treatment is safe for all skin types. 

Basic European Facial - $75

Perfect for those who just want to relax and enjoy the facial

This facial is designed for those people who does not need much treatment and just need some relaxation while smoothing out the skin. It does not come with any extractions or any harsh ingredients. It comes with a 10 minute European Massage that will help your blood circulation that impacts your skin's health

Clinical Facials - $125

Extractions, Acne Facials, Anti-Aging Facial, Brightening and Hydrating

Clinical Facials are corrective procedures and not designed to be pampering. We treat the face and those parts of the neck affected by skin disorders including and not limited to, acne, razor bumps, clogged pores, blackheads, dehydration, dead skin cell build-up, and so on. To allow us the time to perform necessary therapeutic procedures such as enzyme peeling and extractions, we may or may not include a massage. We are dedicated to helping you improve your skin problems and strive to keep our prices affordable. 

We need to know:

 (a) what youÂ’re using on your skin, 

(b) if you have sensitivities  

(c) certain details about your lifestyle.

Clinical Facials include exfoliation with steam and dead cell-dissolving enzymes that soften clogged pores and comedones, facilitating their evacuation), extractions with sterile instruments,  a mask, optional antibacterial, exfoliating or brightening boosters, a soothing inflammatory lotion, and sun protection. Clinical Facials take approximately one hour. Superior results are achieved when prescribed home care products are used as directed. They penetrate the follicle, softening impactions (blackheads, clogged pores) making extractions easier to perform, less uncomfortable, and less necessary.

Important: Product overuse, scrubbing, picking and sunburn cause temporary dryness, irritation and temporary dark spots. Do not exercise, get chemical hair services or skin peels, wax, use depilatory, scrub your face, pick or scratch or be exposed to prolonged direct sun. Wait 24 hours before applying acne and other active products, scrubs, astringents, lighteners, AHA or vitamin A products. Since your skin may be more sensitive to extractions during your cycle, schedule accordingly.

Side effects: Dryness, sensitivity, tiny scabs (where older acne impactions were removed) and flaking are normal and temporary. Superficial temporary dark spots may occur after the extraction of older or deeper lesions and fade rapidly. Avoid the sun and use products exactly as directed to reduce the formation of new lesions and help fade/exfoliate existing spots

 Allergic Reactions: Call your doctor or go to emergency immediately, and temporarily discontinue your products, except moisturizer and sunblock. Rub ice cubes on the skin in a circular motion for two minutes every hour, pat dry, and apply cold milk compresses. Allergy is rare and symptoms usually disappear in a day or two. 

Microcurrent Facial (Non-Surgical Face Lift) - $125/ treatment

10 treatments recommended

The application of microcurrent also supports skin correction by encouraging the repair process. Damaged skin requires a program of restoration that is gradual and progressive for long-term optimum health. Microcurrent mitigates the practice of aggressive peels and thermolysis (laser) as newer research has revealed that these modalities may be adding more injury to compromised skin. Clearly all modalities of correction certainly have their place. Prior to choosing a course of treatment including product selection, the first step in skin correction is to determine the level of damage caused by sun damage, the ageing process, and other skin conditions. Microcurrent gently encourages repair of the stratum corneum, the bi-layers and dermal components to foster the skin into a healthier state. Cosmetic microcurrent is beneficial for improvement in the appearance of the skin.
Aged and slackened skin.
Improvement of skin texture.
Fine lines and wrinkles.
Reduction of acne scars.
Use pre and post surgery to improve the both muscle and tissue for optimum outcome.
Post surgically the application of microcurrent supports reduction of trauma, irritation, inflammation and helps foster skin healing as well as minimizing scar tissue.
Muscle tightening in the abdominal area.
The effects of microcurrent are accumulative and studies have confirmed that there are significant side benefits including muscle re-education. Be aware that the results are also dependent upon lifestyle, age, health, and condition of the skin tissue. The concept that ATP can be stored is a valid reason for performing a series of sessions whereby there is a re-education process of muscle tissue. Furthermore, the low intensity of microcurrent cannot cause visible muscle contractions or marked discomfort.