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Eyelash Extension Services
*** We are no longer accepting refills done by other company. Thanks!***
Please take note that Refills must have at least 50% of Extension and 6 weeks will be considered a Full Set already

Choose the Eyelash Style that Fits your Lifestyle 

Full Set Mink Natural volume - $95
Refill - 1 week - $35
              2- 3 weeks - $45
              4-5 weeks - $55
(must have at least 50% of the lashes and not more than 4 weeks)

Classic Volume Application

What a perfect way to enhance your natural lashes. This is best for those who wants a natural lift and volume to their lashes. Great for everyday wear, especially those who works in the corporate world. Everyone could notice a difference yet they could not tell what it is. Ideal for those who wants to look super natural. This effect looks like you just had a mascara but a little bit thicker and few millimeters longer than your natural lashes. Normally, 5-80 lashes per eye will be applied in single lashes to lashes application

Full Set Extreme Dramatic Volume - $120
Refill    1 week - $45 
              2- 3 weeks - $55
              4-5 weeks - $65

Classic Volume Application in a Dramatic Way

This is perfect for those people who wants a real volume and thickness to your natural lashes yet could still look natural. This is also perfect for everyday look or occasional such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc. You will surely receive a lot of complements when you choose this style. Getting 100-150 lashes per eye is extremely attractive, glamorous and beautiful.

Full Set 100% Real Mink Eyelash Extension - $120
Refill    1 week - $45 
              2- 3 weeks - $55
              4-5 weeks - $65

Real Mink Eyelash Extension

This is a very lightweight with dark black color. This is perfect for those people seeking authentic and real mink individual single strand lashes. Your lashes will be soft, lightweight yet noticeable beautiful volume lashes.

Russian Volume - $150
Refill    1 week - $55 
              2- 3 weeks - $75
              4-5 weeks - $85

Newest Craze, Newest Style

This can result in having 300-500 eyelash extensions applied to each eye. The extensions used are even lighter, finer, thinner than the siberian mink, which means multiple lashes can be applied without damaging the lashes or looking "clumpy" or feeling too heavy or unnatural.